This tool will create a short version of the given URL and display it real big, so people can easily copy it from a projector to their laptop during demos.

It can also turn a URL into a QR Code to easily get it onto your Android/iPhone phone.

Tip: Do this direct from the browser by using the bookmarklets at the bottom of the page!

SplashURL.net is a tool aimed at being useful to the academic community. Occasionally it is mis-used as part of spam emails. This is agains our policy, and we will take down any redirects used in this way. Please report inappropriate use to cjg@ecs.soton.ac.uk

>QR Code Redirection Service

Want a QR Code T-Shirt or badge? Use our new QR Code redirector. That way you can alter where the URL in the barcode redirects each time you wear it, rather than print a new one every time! It would be funky with stickers too (splashURL.net does not advocate doing naughty things, please don't put our QR Codes where they will make people sad)

Create me a QR Code that I can redirect on a whim!

SplashURL bookmarklet. SplashQRCode bookmarklet.

Drag bookmarklet to yer toolbar or right click and bookmark it. Later, select it to splash a short url of the current page.

>SplashURL.net. Inspired at dev8D, service provided by ECS at the University of Southampton. Created by Christopher Gutteridge and Tony Hurst.